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Welcome to Collab! An E-Commerce Solution For Small businesses.

Collab in an all-encompassing online hub for everything LOCAL; connecting entrepreneurs and members of our community.  Londoners have always put a big emphasis on promoting and purchasing within our community; however, now more than ever we are focused on supporting our local neighbour, friends, family and businesses.  You manage your own store within our community, this includes bookings, products, blogs, events, coupons, connecting with other community members, news and media.  Customers search our directory to find the business that best suits their needs.

Our online platform is a one stop hub.  You create exposure for your business without the cost of an expensive website and  these community members get access to all our amazing city has to offer!  We feel very strongly about coming together!

Our Journey

-In A Nutshell-

Previous to Collab we started with our community focused initiative; “Half and Half On The Go”, based on the dream we had to support local entrepreneurs. We realized the costs involved in being an entrepreneur.  We also love our local community so we created videos of local business which showcased not only the business but the people behind the business. Our goal was to leave each business with a promotional video ;which is normally very expensive, and to provide a resource for those looking for a new restaurant, event, service, fitness facility, entertainment, etc.  There are a lot of London entrepreneurs who genuinely have a passion for what they do, care for their customers and have integrity.

We felt they deserved to be showcased!

How did Collab start?

We were working on our own client projects on our local business, Half & Half Social Media Lifestyle, along with our community videos, but then something big happened, the world as we knew it had changed due to COVID-19.  Supporting local and community connection is extremely close to our hearts so we wanted to find a way to still help others.  We wanted to provide an affordable way for local entrepreneurs and small business to have an online platform!

After many brainstorming sessions and discussion on what this new initiative would look like; COLLAB was created!

What is Collab?

As local entrepreneurs, we firmly believe that solidarity along with mutually shared responsibility is key if we want to contribute to a steady return to normalcy in these unprecedented times. Having said that, we are here today to introduce our new community initiative to contribute to the effort in fighting COVID-19, together!

Collab is a new online community platform which supports all things LOCAL; which we started in order to help entrepreneurs and consumers connect.

Whether you want to connect with local businesses, buy or sell products, find or offer bookings for services, find tickets to events or promote your event, we have created this online platform to meet the needs of all local entrepreneurs and the community.

There is no website development required.  You have the freedom to manage your own store within our site and connect locally. As a community member you can find everything you need all in one place.  We provide a secure and easy payment system.  There is no membership fee required; only a small percentage of business sales is required to support our initiative.

How it works:

For entrepreneurs:

  • Register online
  • Create your free business profile
  • Add your product/service/event
  • Start selling, get reviews, promote your business and collaborate with other local businesses like yours.

For the community:

  • Register online 
  • Create your free profile
  • Find your products/services/events
  • Start supporting local!
We extend our thanks for supporting local and will never get tired of repeating ourselves,

“support local!”

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